Cellvital-Homecare Set


With the CV Homecare set the user gets a modern CV-HC control unit incl. two applicators. One applicator is a high-quality mat, the other is a pillow for treating localised areas of the body.

The system can be extended by other applicators for targeted CV-HC treatment. THe whole set can be stored in a CV-HC travel bag.


Cellvital Homecare /

The Cellvital Homecare system was especially developed for daily use. The treatment or prophylactic treatment can be done anywhere without a lot of effort..

Inside the applicators of the homecare system (mat, pillow, …) are magnetic coils. If these are fed with electricity then a magnetic field is created, which moves through your whole body and vitalises your 75 trillion body cells. It penetrates deeply into your body and reaches parts of your body where sport creams or heated mats will never reach. The magnetic field activates the bioelectricity in your body (ions), where the body’s own impulses (frequencies), proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, nerves, … are stimulated. This improves the circulation and the oxygen supply within the body with it.

All necessary functions can be found at a glance. Via the keyboard you can set the desired programme at the simple touch of a button. (more detailed information about the settings can be found in the Quick Guide and the User Manual).

With the Cellvital Homecare system the user gets a modern control unit, a whole body applicator as well as a local pillow applicator. The whole homecare set can be stored in the designer travel bag.

The homecare system can be extended with further applicators for specific use.

CV Homecare

Use /

Normally the device should be used twice a day for eight minutes. A CV-HC application has a long-term effect of up to eight hours. The treatment is very gentle. An improvement in the metabolism and the overall regeneration of the cells, depending on the physical condition, takes place in most cases after only just a few days of treatment. To achieve a holistic healthy body it is recommended to use the Cellvital Homecare device on a regular basis.

8 minutes / 2x day